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Book Publishers

  • Welcome to Jason Aronson Inc.
  • ArtScroll On-Line
  • Association of Jewish Book Publishers
  • Feldheim Publishers
  • Gefen Books
  • Hachai Publishing
  • Jewish Lights Publishing
  • Jonathan David Publishers
  • Kar-Ben Copies
  • Ktav Publishing House
  • Red Heifer Press
  • Schocken Books
  • Torah Aura Productions

    Book Stores

  • Hebrew Incunabula, Hebraica, and Manuscripts (83+ urls)
  • Jewish Book Mall
  • Jewish Bookstores in the UK
  • Multilingual Books - Hebrew


  • Naomi Ragen
  • Diane Romm's Jewish Guide to the Internet: Update Page
  • Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ and Reading Lists

    Books for Children

  • Jewish Children's Books by Wendy Betts
  • Jewish Books for Children by Rabbi Amy Scheinerman


  • Canada Israel Experience
  • CJC Canadian Jewish Congress
  • CJC's List of Synagogues in Canada
  • CJC's Helpful Links
  • B'nai Brith Canada Links (200+ urls)
  • CJN: The Canadian Jewish News
  • HaReshima: Jewish Resources in Canada (100+ urls)
  • Jewish National Fund of Canada
  • Yahoo! Canada:Judaism
  • Am Yisrael: The Jewish Communities of Canada
  • Bank of Canada: Search for Unclaimed Money (Try your name!)
  • Canadian Jewish History Bibliography
  • JIAS Jewish Immigrant Aid Service
  • Maccabi Canada

    Canada East

  • The Atlantic Jewish Council
  • Beth Israel Synagogue, Halifax
  • Beth Israel Synagogue Foyer, Halifax
  • Camp Kadimah, Lunenburg Co.
  • Chabad-Lubavitch of the Maritimes
  • Glace Bay Reunion August 2001
  • JSA of the Atlantic Provinces
  • Chabad House of Montreal
  • The Jewish Public Library
  • Montreal's Jewish Community
  • Montreal Jewish Community Centres

    Canada Central

  • BAYT Beit Avraham Yitzchok Congregation
  • Board of Jewish Education of Toronto
  • Israel's Judaica Bookstore Toronto
  • Jewish Toronto: Organization List (800+ urls)
  • Jewish Toronto Tomorrow
  • Miles Nadal Bloor JCC
  • UJA Federation of Jewish Toronto
  • Hillel at the Wolfond Centre for Jewish Campus Life, U of T
  • Jewish Student Federation of York University
  • Centre For Jewish Studies York University
  • Jewish Hamilton
  • Jewish Community Centre of Ottawa
  • University of Waterloo/WLU Jewish Students Association
  • University of Western Ontario JSU

    Canada West

  • Jewish Winnipeg
  • Louis Kessler's Jewish Winnipeg Links
  • Ohr HaTorah Day School, Winnipeg
  • The Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada
  • The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba
  • Jewish Life in Saskatchewan
  • Saskatchewan Jewish Council
  • House of Jacob - Mikveh Israel, Calgary
  • Hillel at the University of Alberta
  • The Jewish Genealogical Institute of British Columbia
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver
  • The Jewish Community Center of Victoria
  • Okanagan Jewish Community Centre

    Canadian Home Pages

  • Julius Ciss's Jews for Judaism: Toronto
  • Mark Mietkiewicz's The Jewish Highway: CJN, Toronto
  • Sheldon Oberman, Storyteller: Winnipeg
  • Eliezer Segal's Home Page: Calgary

    Chabad Lubavitch

  • A Life Apart: Hasidism in America
  • Chabad-Lubavitch Passover Site
  • Chabad-Lubavitch Home Page
  • (Find a Chabad Center near you)
  • An Internet Guide to Chabad Literature
  • Jewish Learning Group
  • Jewish New Year
  • The Rebbe and the Secret to a Meaningful Life
  • Tzivos Hashem

    Communities: USA and Beyond

  • UJC FedWeb
  • Jewish Resources in Boston
  • Hebrew University: Worldwide Communities (290+ urls)
  • Jewish Geography: Find a Friend
  • Jewish Life in the UK
  • Jewish Ozzies' Inter.Net - Australia


  • About Judaism: Conversion
  • The Conversion to Judaism Home Page
  • Sue Zakar's Page (gorgeous!)


  • Guide to Accredited Online Colleges
  • Jewish Educational Service of North America
  • Keshet: Jewish Families of Children with Special Needs
  • Talmud Torah - Basic Jewish Education
  • The Virtual Beit Midrash


  • (800+ urls)
  • National Center for Jewish Film


  • The Jewish Dance (Very Cool!!)
  • Who Knows Ten? A Weekly Trivia Quiz


  • Avotaynu: Publisher of Works on Jewish Genealogy
  • Canadian Genealogy Centre
  • Cyndi's List/Jewish Sites (excellent)
  • Genealogy Resources on the Internet - WWW/Jewish
  • JewishGen: The Official Home of Jewish Genealogy
  • JewishGen: Family Finder (look here)
  • JewishGen: Index to Info Files
  • JewishGen: Yizkor Book Project
  • Jewish Genealogy Links by Matthew Meisel
  • Jewish Genealogy Resources
  • Jewish Genealogical Society of Canada
  • Jewish Web Index
  • Lauren Knoblauch's Searchable Genealogy Links
  • Searchable Jewish Genealogy Archives (A good place to start)
  • Sephardic Genealogy


  • A Passing Phrase


  • Hebrew - Civil Date Converter
  • The Jewish Calendar
  • Jewish Calendar Tools
  • A short explanation of the Jewish Calendar
  • World Wide Candlelighting Times
  • Calendar Generator
  • Jewish Holidays: Introduction
  • Jewish Holidays and Festivals on the Net
  • CNN: Hanukkah 1997
  • The Shabbos Experience


  • Women & the Holocaust
  • Academic Info: Holocaust Studies
  • An Auschwitz Alphabet
  • The Anne Frank Internet Guide
  • JewishGen's Holocaust Global Registry
  • Holocaust Names
  • March of the Living by Steven Fransblow
  • Nizkor Project
  • Simon Wiesenthal Center
  • Survivors of the Shoah: Visual History Foundation
  • Swiss Bank Dormant Accounts
  • US Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • Women and the Holocaust
  • Yad Vashem

    Home Pages

  • Harry Ciechanowski, Melbourne
  • Ari Davidow, Hebrew typographer
  • David Dickerson's Jewish Culture & History Links (100+ urls)
  • Flatbush Escapee's Jewish Links
  • Jacob Freedman's Klezmer Page
  • Leonard Grossman's Jewish Links (500+ urls)
  • Dan Kerchner's Jewish Resources on the Internet (260+ urls)
  • Jacob Richman's Home Page
  • Rabbi Amy Scheinerman


  • A Word in your Eye Jewish Jokes (Funny!)
  • Harry Leichter's Jewish Humor Link Page
  • Lori's Mishmash Jewish Humour
  • 5 Jewish Jokes


  • AACI Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel
  • Birthright Israel
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • El-Al Airlines
  • Embassy of Israel, Washington, D.C.
  • Israel Defense Forces - Zahal
  • Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Israeli Knesset
  • Israel Science and Technology Homepage
  • Israel Visit
  • Jewish Folklore in Israel-Main Page
  • Mahal2000 Volunteer to the IDF


  • Jerusalem of Gold
  • Jerusalem Shoppe
  • The New Jerusalem Mosaic
  • Jerusalem Tourist
  • Window on the Western Wall

    Jewish Resources

  • American Jewish Committee
  • Entertainment Magazine On Line: Jewish Resources (190+ urls)
  • Jewish on the WELL
  • Judaism 101 (90+ urls)
  • Kulanu (115+ urls)


  • Akhlah The Jewish Children's Learning Network
  • BabagaNewz
  • Hebrew for Me
  • Dr. Nurit Reshef's Jewish Funland (Nice music!)
  • The Jewish Children's Torah Site
  • Torah Tots: The Site for Jewish Children

    Kosher Food

  • Asian American Kashrus Services
  • Welcome to Empire Kosher
  • Harry's Food Menu
  • Kashrut.Com
  • Kosher Food FAQ
  • KosherFest Trade Show
  • Manichewitz
  • OU Kosher Laws Explained

    Kosher Restaurants

  • eLuna: Kosher Restaurants in Israel
  • Koshernic Kosher Restaurants
  • Query the Kosher Restaurant Database (Shamash) (good!)

    Kosher Supervision

  • London Beth Din Kashruth Division
  • Kof-K Kosher Supervision
  • Kosher Quest
  • Orthodox Union Online
  • Reliable Kosher Supervision

    Kosher Wine

  • Kedem Wines
  • What makes a wine kosher?


  • Jewish Theological Seminary Library
  • Judaica Libraries Home Pages (100+ urls)

    Life Cycle

  • Jewish Adoption Information Exchange
  • Jewish Family
  • Mishpacha: Jewish Family Learning Centre
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Maccabee Award for Tiger Cubs and Cub Scouts
  • Bitachon: Jewish Traditional Singles
  • The Jewish Bride
  • JACS: Jews in Recovery from Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
  • Jewish Women's Archives


  • Aviva's 635 Jewish E-Mail Lists!
  • Mail-Jewish Torah and Halacha List Home Page
  • Mail-Jewish Archives Search
  • Shamash List Archives (400+ lists)
  • Subscribe to Jewish Mailing Lists


  • Mark C. Bassell's The Digital Genizah (170+ urls)
  • The Frum Side of the Web
  • Google: Judaism (2315+ urls)
  • HaReshima: The Jewish Internet Portal
  • Haruth Table of Contents
  • Jewish Link (775+ urls)
  • Andy Tannenbaum's Judaism and Jewish Resources (700+ urls)
  • MavenSearch Jewish Web Directory
  • Nu? - The JAFI Portal
  • S.C.J. FAQ Section 20.5. (50+ urls)
  • Shamash - The Jewish Network Virtual Jewish Chicago (200+ urls)
  • Virtual Jerusalem
  • The Jewish SuperSite!


  • A List of the 613 Mitzvot


  • Beth Hatefusoth, Tel Aviv
  • Hebrew University: Jewish Museums (160+ urls)
  • The Jewish Museum, London
  • The Jewish Museum, New York
  • National Museum of American Jewish History
  • NMAJH - Links to Jewish Museums Worldwide (60+ urls)
  • The Jewish Museum in Prague


  • David Broza
  • Avraham Fried's Music
  • Hava Nashira/Jewish Songleaders Page
  • Hebrew Songs (with lyrics)
  • Israel Gimel: Free folk tunes to download (Nice music!)
  • Jewish Music WebCenter
  • Jewish Music Tapes and CD-ROMS
  • Ari Davidow's Klezmer Shack
  • Daniel Macks: Service/Song Archive
  • Lenny Solomon: Shlock Rock
  • The Zamir Chorale of Boston


  • The Jerusalem Post
  • Jewish Periodicals (100+ urls)

    Outreach (Kiruv)

  • Jewish America's Home Page
  • National Jewish Outreach Program
  • Ohr Somayach International
  • Outreach Judaism: Rabbi Tovia Singer


  • Shalom Toronto
  • Country Yossi Magazine
  • Jewish Magazine
  • The Jerusalem Report


  • Ask A
  • Back Issues of Ask The Rabbi (1500+ questions)
  • Reb Shlomo Carlebach
  • Ask Rabbi Spivak
  • The Surfing Rabbi


  • The Israel Hour (100+ urls)
  • Jewish Radio (very good music!)
  • Kol Israel Radio
  • Live - Israeli Radio/TV Sites


  • Archives: Newsgroup
  • Bread Machine Challah Recipe
  • Jewish Cooking in America on PBS
  • Jewish Food Recipe Archives (Frames)
  • Jewish Food Recipe Archives (No Frames)
  • The Middle East : Food and Drink
  • Mimi's Jewish/Kosher Foods
  • Kosher Express Kitchen
  • Yahoo! Kosher Food

    Recipes: Cholent

  • Cambridge University Cholent Society
  • Sandra's Veggie Cholent
  • Slow Cooker Cholent Recipe
  • Yahoo's Cholent Recipes

    Russian and Eastern European Jews

  • Jewish in the Former Soviet Union
  • Jews in Lithuania
  • The Lost Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe
  • Maven - Jewish/Israel Index (Eastern Europe)
  • David Dickerson's Polish Synagogues
  • The Polish Jews Home Page
  • Polish Jewish Links
  • Virtual Jewish History Tour: Eastern Europe


  • Judaism: Shopping
  • The Jewish Bazaar
  • The Jewish Mall
  • 1-800-Judaism


  • Davka Corporation Home Page
  • Jewish
  • Lev Software


  • Hillel - Other Jewish Web Sites
  • Jeff Seidel's Jewish Student Information Page
  • Jewish Student Groups Around the World


  • Go Daven!
  • Jewish Express: Synagogues
  • The Jewish Links Directory: Orthodox Synagogues (178 urls)


  • Battling The Soul Snatchers
  • Jewish Interactive Studies
  • Jewish Torah Audio of
  • Project Genesis: Torah on the Information Superhighway
  • Aish HaTorah: Shabbat Shalom Weekly
  • Shema Yisrael Torah Network (150+ urls)
  • The Texas Talmud
  • Torah Fax in Cyberspace
  • The Torahnet Page - Torah Study Opportunties on the 'Net
  • OU/NCSY's Torah Tidbits


  • Yiddish & Jewish Song Resources
  • Learn Yiddish Online
  • Ariga Glossary of Yiddish Expressions
  • Avivale's Yiddish Page
  • Links Related to Yiddish
  • Shtetl - Yiddish Language and Culture
  • Yiddish Stuff
  • Yiddish Words Found in English
  • Yugntruf: Yugnt far Yiddish - Youth for Yiddish
  • Jewish Wedding Traditions


    Providing Experiences of a Lifetime
    to Israel and the Holy Land
    at great prices.
  • Jewish Travel Advisor
  • Jewish Network - Jewish Events
  • Jewish Routes
  • Jewish Travel and Tours
  • Jewish Travel Network
  • Jewish Travel: Your Worldwide Guide
  • Kosher Travel Information
  • Travel Jewish

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