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See attached We are having the 100th anniversary the end of July 2016. We've set up a facebook page for this:
Registration form being put together at this time.

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Temple Sons Of Israel, Sydney

On behalf of our congregation in Sydney, NS, welcome to the Temple Sons of Israel website. We are pleased you found us on the Internet and are taking the time to visit with us. I hope you will be able to follow-up in person some day, hopefully soon.

We are the only Shul operating year-round on Cape Breton Island, a part of eastern Nova Scotia that, at one time, had four functioning synagogues and the largest Jewish population in eastern Canada.

The Jewish population of the area has declined significantly over the years, but we are committed to maintaining and hopefully, growing, our community with Hashem's help.

We are a traditional, egalitarian congregation. Minyans are held every Saturday morning at 10 am with a Kiddish following. Men and women are both counted for minyan and both are able to receive aliyot at the bimah.

Despite our small size we are a vibrant community, keeping alive Yiddishkeit with religious observances, and social events.

Enjoy your tour of our website and please come back again as we update our pages.

Martin Chernin, President
Temple Sons of Israel, Sydney, NS
Sydney gets Access Improvements

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